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Together, we can put an end to maternal mortality.

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The People Movement

Imagine being in labour, needing medical attention and knowing it would be at least 20 hours before an ambulance would arrive to give you the medical attention you need.

In Sierra Leone, birth is a dangerous passage. Pregnancy, birth, and postpartum complications put the mother and baby in serious jeopardy.

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Women Die

From pregnancy related causes every day

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Maternal Deaths

Could be avoided with access to basic health facilities

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Before they live to see their fifth birthday

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5 Risk Factors

  • Lack of accessible healthcare
  • Poor infrastructure
  • Inadequate social practices
  • Limited access to education
  • Absence of community ownership

Birth should be a beginning, not an end

Women deserve a birth story that doesn’t end in tragedy. To safely go into labour, in peace, knowing they will soon meet their little one.

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Saving babies and their mothers

Since our beginning in 2011, we’ve seen massive reduction in maternal and infant mortality in the communities we work in.

98% improvement chart


From pregnancy related causes every day

80% decrease chart


In infant and maternal mortality since 2011

90% increase chart


In improved education for children within our scholarship program

The People Movement

Imagine being in labour, needing medical attention and knowing it would be at least 20 hours before an ambulance would arrive to give you the medical attention you need.

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Training medical personnel, supplying vaccinations, and providing access to medical supplies and medication.

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Building birthing clinics and schools with connecting roadways to the communities.

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Training teachers to provide quality education. We also offer scholarships and sponsorships for children within each community.

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Social Practices

Reduction of harmful cultural practices for prenatal and postnatal care.

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Community Ownership

Preparing the community to solve their issues and work together.

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A donation of just $42 a month will save the life of a mum and baby.

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How your donations save lives

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Sponsor a Village

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Build a clinic

Once we reach our goal, a new clinic is built.

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Making a difference

Discover how we are making a difference in Sierra Leone. Learn about our latest initiatives, success stories, and more.

Overcoming Doubt and Making a Difference

Instead of allowing doubt to paralyze us, we can choose to embrace it as a catalyst for action. We can recognize that every small step we take, no matter how insignificant it may seem, has the potential to create ripple effects of positive change. Whether it's volunteering our time, raising awareness, or advocating for those in need, each of us has the power to make a difference in the world.

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Building Dreams, One Brick at a Time: Freedom Tree's Journey to Construct an Elementary School in Bhlama

Ever wondered why Education is a fundamental human right, yet millions of children around the world are still denied access to quality schooling. By supporting the construction of the school in Bhlama, you’re helping to change that. Your contribution isn’t just about building a school—it’s about empowering entire communities and creating lasting change.

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Honoring Motherhood: Join Us in Making a Difference this May

Motherhood can be hard. There are challenges and rewards with motherhood, which is an universal experience shared by mothers worldwide. However, we shed light on the stark reality faced by many mothers in Sierra Leone, where maternal and infant mortality rates are alarmingly high. Freedom Tree’s mission is saving lives and empowering mothers and families in Sierra Leone. Every contribution is creating lasting change and ensuring a brighter future for mothers and their children.

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Impact Reports

Download our annual report to learn how we continue to grow and expand our impact in Sierra Leone.

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