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Sierra Leone

1 in 7 women die in the process of giving birth

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In Canada BIPOC women often have to travel for hours in labour to get to a health facility.

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In Semhehum, 8 women and 12 babies died each yeat from complications in childbirth.

Here's how we are helping.



In Freedom Tree
Birthing Clinics
to date



Freedom Tree maternal education



In Calgary are involved in our programs each year



Increased resiliency of children involved in our Canadian Programs

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Why we do what we do

Watch the 2 minute video to hear Tara's heart

Margaret almost lost her baby, she did not because of donors like you.

"The curriculum has improved the relationship between men and women in Karifaya. Now pregnancy and birth is no longer something we dread"

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Why Corey gives

"...I had been passionate about advocating for women and children in developing nations. I kept hearing the Lord say, "Take small steps of obedience, commit, and move forward in this process. You may not know exactly where yet, but I have a place for you." I fell in love with Sierra Leone and plan to return with a team of teachers to support the GAM program.  I care deeply about the work being done in Sierra Leone, and I'm honoured to be a part of Freedom Tree's people movement.”

Corey, Eugene, USA

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