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Youth are searching for purpose

Young people are more receptive to change early in life. Youth who have a strong sense of purpose are less likely to struggle from mental health issues.

Youth who participate in local and global civic issues are more likely to thrive and become responsible world citizens later in life.

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affects youth  in Canada

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youth engage in violence, vandalism, or drug use

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affecting 15-24 year-olds in Canada since the pandemic

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Risk Factors

  • Lack of programs addressing civic issues available for young people
  • Youth need to develop a sense of purpose in a healthy way

Youth deserve an opportunity to succeed

Now more than ever, young people want to get participate in civic and global issues and carve a path for a bright future.

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Making the way for world changers

Since our beginning in 2011, we’ve seen an overwhelming response with youth through our local and global initiatives.

98% improvement chart


Have been reached

80% decrease chart


Increase after Freedom Tree program enrolment

90% increase chart


Opportunities are reported after volunteering

Become the catalyst for freedom

Our programs have been designed to give every individual, family, and community an opportunity to fulfill their purpose.

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Providing mentorship to young adults ages 18-30 with internship opportunities for global development in Sierra Leone.

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Educating youth ages 6-18 and involving them in global and civic advocacy. Students are given the opportunity to participate by advocating in their interests and strengths.

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Get involved

Join hundreds of donors and volunteers and become a catalyst for freedom.


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Making a difference

Discover how we are making a difference at home and abroad. Learn about our latest initiatives, success stories, and more.

Freedom Tree Fundraiser in Calgary, April 29th

Hello Friends, this year a team of teachers from Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Eugene Oregon are headed to Sierra Leone to support Freedom Tree’s education initiatives. To support this project please join us for a fundraiser night.

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Do You Know What Female Genital Mutilation Is?

FGM, in every form, is a violation of girls’ and women’s fundamental human rights, including their rights to health, security and dignity.

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Spring Cleaning is Good for the Soul

A new year is an opportunity, maybe we can’t change everything about our lives or expect this change to last forever. But maybe we can put in a little effort and clean some of the dust off of our life and feel renewed and empowered in our living space.

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Impact Reports

Download our annual report to learn how we continue to grow and expand our impact in Sierra Leone.

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