DIY Fundraising

There are many ways to give to become a hero in someone’s life.

How it works

Create your own fundraiser in less than 5 minutes. It’s a fun way to raise awareness and watch your event grow!

Step 1


Set-up a profile, create a team, set a donation goal, and tell us a bit yourself.

Step 2


Choose a colour palette, add a photo, or video and have fun building your page.

Step 3


Share your page on social media and let others know how they can help save lives.

Need Inspiration?

The ideas are endless, if you need some extra help coming up with a fun idea,
we can help brainstorm a few ideas to tie in with your next event!


Celebrate birthdays, graduations, or anniversaries and ask friends to donate

Fun Parties

Throw a party, host a backyard BBQ or raise support with a family reunion

Athletic Events

Get your friends involved with a tournament and raise awareness

Anything Goes

Get creative and do something you love, like an open mic or bake sale

Changing Lives Graphic

Alegra’s Story

Alegra decided it wasn’t not ok for kids on the other side of the world to not go to school like she could. She decided to sell her art to raise money for scholarship programs.

$750 Raised

Where your dollars go

$93 cents to your dollar goes directly to support the cause of your choice. We are thankful you have decided to raise support and become an ambassador of Freedom Tree. Once you reach your goal, you will be given the choice of how you want your donation to be used.



Freedom Tree is a registered Canadian Charity. Canadian tax receipts will be issued for all donations over $20.


If you need some help, contact us to brainstorm a few ideas and to get started.


There is no minimum goal to get started. Once your goal is reached, connect with us. We would love to feature your event on our blog.

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