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International Programs

Our programs have been designed to give every individual, family, and community an opportunity to fulfill their purpose in Sierra Leone.

Girls Advocacy Movement

GAM is a teacher-led extra-curricular club for girls from 10-18 years of age. The clubs run for twelve sessions with topics such as self-esteem, human rights, and sexual health. Mentorship is provided from female role models within the community, helping young girls feel empowered to dream about their future. GAM also trains educators in local schools to teach boys and girls the importance of equitable opportunities for girls.

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Education Scholarships

For every year a girl stays in school, the chances of her suffering from infant mortality reduces by 10% for each year. Our scholarship program removes the barriers children face to accessing good quality education and provides a platform for their future.

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Teacher Training

We partner with the local and national government in Sierra Leone to increase the quality of training that teachers have in the country. By doing so we are able to impact thousands of children to perpetuity.

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