New Day, New Opportunity

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

They say that spring brings renewal seen in the summer. For the summer of 2022, we are looking to do the same great work but with a new energy. We are renewing our commitment to the communities we work with in Sierra Leone but also working to re-energize our steadfast commitment to the cause of improving maternal health through education, infrastructure, and access to medical facilities and improved healthcare. We are loudly marching towards our commitment to all our programs that provide empowerment and betterment for the women, girls,  and families of Sierra Leone.

This summer is all about the work we do on the ground with our amazing team, partners, and communities. But this time we are bringing all of you with us, we will be sharing the journey with you to raise awareness and ultimately because this journey could not have been possible without your support, generosity, and kindness. We want to share and showcase the best of Canada with the world. So this summer, let us work together with a renewed energy and a mindful intentional commitment to saving the precious lives of women and children. Because every new day brings a new opportunity.

Image by Bunting Amir Kargbo.

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