Miracles still happen

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Last week was a particularly gruelling one for me. My daily activities were filled with the mundane. Some days I worked so hard to get things done only to discover that the results did not measure up, everything seemed to take forever.

So yesterday when I started my work, I lacked the anticipation that I normally had. A few hours later I received a report from one of our villages. Buried between the numbers and the stats was a brief and succinct statement. "A woman had been attending Freedom Tree pre natal curriculum lessons. She gave birth safely to a boy safely this morning. Prior to this she had had 3 stillbirths. "

Just like that - a miracle had happened. As I thought about it I imagined what she must be feeling. What thoughts were going through her mind as she held her son for the first time. I imagined her holding him tight, a flood of emotions going through her.

I don't even know her name. Just the village where she lives. And now it all seems worth it. The mundane, the routine, the sometimes frustrating activities that seem to take longer than needed. Its all worth it for that woman, who yesterday had her dreams come true.

Today, as a supporter of Freedom Tree, remember that your support, your efforts, your prayers are not in vain. Today as you go about your day - just savour on this - a woman on the other side of the world received her miracle because of you.

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