Saturday, August 22, 2020

Just around the corner.... Breakthrough

A new decade is just around the corner, and I wish I could tell you I know exactly what It will look like and what to do.  Truth is as this chapter turns, it feels more unclear than I have ever known.

But I am ok with the uncertainty.  

Last month sitting in the humid heat of Bo, Sierra Leone.  I conversed with one of the 14 team members who had given up a great deal to travel to Sierra Leone and volunteer his time with Freedom Tree.  He was shocked at how weak and helpless he felt in the environment, overwhelmed with the need and the lack of resources.  I looked at him intently, smiled and explained that that's the best place he could be.

You see I have found that in that place of weakness and vulnerability is exactly where answers come.  Sometimes in the most unique ways.  Problems can be complex, maternal mortality even more so.  Where do you even start?   In Sierra Leone to boot.  If there ever was a complex culture this is it.  So over the years, my posture continues to morph into one of uncontrollable vulnerability to the point of feeling completely helpless, and then "WHAM'.  Breakthrough happens.  But then sometimes it doesn't, and I learn to learn and journey forward.

Breakthrough in 2019 looked like a little baby boy shown in the picture below. The first baby to be born in our newest clinic just a few days ago.

Breakthrough was a courageous team of 14 Americans and Canadians many first-timers who traveled to Sierra Leone in November to Volunteer with Freedom Tree.

Breakthrough was working with the Boys and Girls Club of Calgary to inspire children to change their worlds with small acts of kindness.

Each of these moments was preceded by seasons of immense vulnerability and frustration and then just around the corner......

So here is to 2020, a whole new decade ahead.  I thank you for your support this past year and I wish you many breakthroughs in the years to come.

Happy New year.

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